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We at Alligator Clay Company/Southern Pottery Equipment & Supplies LLC welcome you to our online catalog! Inside you will find a complete selection of ceramic equipment, materials and pottery supplies, and we have included color charts for clay and glazes. If there is anything you don't see online please call 1-888-503-2299 toll free to inquire if we have it in stock. In the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, area please call (225) 932-9457.

Blending clays is the heart of our business. We produce a distinguished line of high quality moist, de-aired clay. We have an extensive selection of clay bodies to suit all tastes and needs, and we are able to mix custom orders (though a minimum amount is required).

After 25 years in business we have developed excellent relationships with freight companies and are more than happy to pass these savings along to our customers in the delivery of our products. Our primary service area includes Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and the greater parts of the South East. We are always expanding and eager to develop relationships nationally. We'll ship anywhere!

Problems or suggestions concerning our site? Please contact us immediately if you experience any difficulties using our site - we value your input and are committed to making your ceramic supplies shopping experience as convenient as possible. *

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Skutt Kilns: The KilnMaster allows you to program modes such as pre-heat, hold at peak temps, delay firings, set temperature alarms, review programs and view program status.

Amaco liquid glazes: are supplied in non-breakable plastic jars, and are prepared by homogenizing to the correct consistency for easy brushing.

The Giffin Grip: is an invaluable re-centering and holding tool designed for trimming. Also functions equally well for waxing the foot and banding with oxides.

Sherrill Mud Tools: variable density plastic ribs that are made from a flexible plastic material that performs well and actually gets better with use. Will not develop burrs and burnish themselves as you use them.

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