AMACO® Crystaltex Glazes

The AMACO® Crystaltex Glazes are for the potter who dares to try something novel. Multi-color effects can be subtle as with CTL-32, which fires to a creamy yellow peppered with rich brown, or they can be flashy and gay like the red, white and blue of CTL-54 Firecracker. No two pieces will ever be alike.

All CTL Series glazes are lead free except CTL-33, CTL-50 and CTL-54.

CTL-1 CTL-3 CTL-9 CTL-10 CTL-11 CTL-12 CTL-13 CTL-15
Jet Moss Lava Snap Dragon Fu Manchu Snow Fire Mardi Gras Polka Dot Moon Scape
CTL-20 CTL-22 CTL-26 CTL-31 CTL-32 CTL-33 CTL-34 CTL-35
Royal Turquoise Milky Way Sea Mist Brown Earth Chocolate Chip Caramel Granada Nutmeg
CTL-36 CTL-41 CTL-42 CTL-43 CTL-50 CTL-54 CTL-61 CTL-65
Ginger Bread Melon Fantasia Aurora Holiday Firecracker Buttercup Oasis