AMACO® Gloss Glazes

Bright opaque and transparent colors characterize this popular LG Gloss Glaze series. These glazes flow during firing to a high gloss while correcting most application defects. Always slow fire lead free glazes for best results.

LG-1 LG-2 LG-9 LG-10 LG-11 LG 14 LG-20 LG-21
Black Magic Black Lustre Super Clear Clear Transparent Opaque White Gray Medium Blue Dark Blue
LG-23 LG-24 LG-25 LG-26 LG-27 LG 30 LG-32 LG-34
Robin's Egg Light Blue Turquoise Green Turquoise Spec. Turquoise Crackle Chocolate Brown Metallic Brown Red Brown
LG-36 LG-40 LG-42 LG-44 LG-45 LG 46 LG-48 LG-50
Freckled Brown Dark Green Light Green Olive Green Emerald Green Leaf Green Chrome Green Maroon
image image
LG-51 LG-52 LG-53 LG-54 LG-55 LG 56 LG-60 LG-61
Lilac Petal Pink Flame Mulberry Red Purple Christmas Red Dark Yellow Canary Yellow
image image image image
LG-62 LG-65 LG-66 LG-760
Light Yellow Amber Brilliant Orange Chinese Yellow