PAYMENT is due at the time an order is picked up or shipped unless credit arrangements have been made. Payment for special orders due when placed. Terms for established credit are 30 days net. Invoices unpaid beyond 30 days are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

ORDER DELAY: To avoid delay in picking up large orders to be assembled or palletized, or smaller than whole bag quantities, please call ahead.

SHIPPING: We ship by motor freight and UPS. An additional 15% of total freight charges will be added to the bill when we pre-pay freight. For UPS delivery add UPS charges plus $1.50 per package for handling.

SAFETY is important to craftsmen, especially where children are involved.

• Avoid inhaling dust and fumes
• Protect eyes, especially when looking into kilns
• Many common ceramic materials are toxic and can be dangerous to your health
• Keep body, clothes and work spaces clean
• Use masks, goggles and non-asbestos gloves

The variables in methods, techniques, studio practices, kilns, etc. prohibits Southern Pottery Equipment & Supplies from accepting responsibility for unsatisfactory results. Because we have no control over raw material uniformity, we can offer no guarantees.

Material Data Safety Sheets are available on request.

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